October 30, 2014

Operation Bootstrap of Lynn, the largest Adult Education center on the North Shore, announces a new corporate partnership with The Boston Solar Company (TBSC).  Through this partnership, Bootstrap receives a donation from TBSC for each customer who makes reference to Operation Bootstrap. TBSC approached Bootstrap with this proposal to support adult education through the installation of sustainable energy systems.    

For every new solar system installed to a person who refers to the Operation Bootstrap sponsorship, Bootstrap will receive a $500 donation from The Boston Solar Company. For other energy services TBSC provides The Boston Solar Company will make a smaller donation to Operation Bootstrap.

The Boston Solar Company


Making Skills Everyone’s Business

What our students have to say….

I have really enjoyed being a student here at Operation Bootstrap. Being here has improved my self confidence, has made me interested in learning, and has made me realize that I can do anything that I set my mind to. I have also met a lot of people, and even made some friends. Thanks to the help I have received and what I have have learned, I know I will do well in college this fall and will accomplish my goal of becoming a nurse.
- Ruth Day

Operation Bootstrap has been the greatest adult education program that I have attended since coming to the United States...My teachers have the perfect tools to help their students to accomplish their academic goals...Thanks to the support and the skills I obtained at Operation Bootstrap my goal to attend college is possible....Anything is possible if we work hard. Operation Bootstrap is a perfect program that can help anyone who wants an education.
- Mariola Perez